Jason McDonald was born in 1970. This self-taught artist spent his formative years in rural Southwest Florida. It was during his youth that he began what he calls his “doodling” that lay the groundwork for his lyrical and fluid style of rendering today. Far from simple sketches, McDonald stimulates interest on a cerebral level in a whimsical and sometimes heartily silly viewpoint.

McDonald deliberately manipulates the dichotomy between simple drawings with complex ideas. His artwork creates a visual layering that, upon closer inspection, appears interwoven like a rich and fine tapestry.

In his subject matter, the artist integrates empirical knowledge with bold flirtations of both the ridiculous and fantastic.  Detailed spinal cords morph into gregarious yet monstrous, friendly faces. Gnashing Cheshire cat-like grins run amok into a seamlessly lulling wave of extending fingers. The product is a creation of an intertwining, never ending whirlpool for the eye to follow, of loops and turns, and ever changing anamorphic creatures done in a deliberate and breathtaking fashion.

“There has to be the possibility of complete failure in order to succeed.” This belief in risk taking is evidenced by his motifs of aggressive iconography of snarling teeth and ever watchful gleaming eyes. An element of volatile dynamics appear as figures bend and contort in danger of an oncoming stampede of other moving forms that are compressed into a dense, compact composition. Figures transform into input and output boxes, interwoven with teeth, bone and distinctly male and female components. Faces present themselves in unexpected twists and turns, with facial features treated as jigsaw puzzle pieces. Text is also used as a texture in severely fine and deliberate print.

McDonald’s work is fluid yet heavily premeditated. He does not create an early draft or prior layout before putting ink to paper. His creative process manifests as a stream of consciousness that is his unique style of fluff and grit.